Lessons from attending a Leftist Conference

Attendees: Kanhaiyya Kumar, Kavita Lankesh et al…

(1) I now know with crystal-clarity why the political pendulum has swung decisively right

(2) They however can walk their talk; we on the other hand can only talk our talk

(3) They may never ever get to power but they will always control the narrative – unless some of us take a sledgehammer to their false edifice

(4) We are in government but without “real” power; they are out of it but retain control

(5) They understand their cultural moorings whereas we have lost it in our attempts to mimic them

(6) They know and look on us as the “enemy” while we appeal to them to join us as friends – never the twain shall meet…

(7) Their edifice is a facade of liberal-feminism on a bedrock of left-wing fascism; ours is a facade of Hindu-revivalism on a shaky bedrock of secular-nationalism

(8) They are willing to lose every battle in their quest to win the war; we will focus only on the skirmishes that will not matter in the long run

(9) We will win every single political battle and lose every single cultural one till the time demography swamps us – and then nothing will matter any more

(10) We continue to lose even as we win and they continue to win even as they lose – and that is the tragedy of our times…

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Why “Modi the PM” is wrong this time.

When our opponents go low, we will go lower – this unfortunately seems to be the cherished motto nowadays. This is particularly true when it comes to political discourse, be it inside the parliament or outside, in our offices or homes, in public or private, MSM or SM – we as a society seem to be fighting to cater to the lowest common denominator.

When the one-time actress and now part-time Social Media trumpeter for the Congress equated Mr. Modi to a bird-dropping (when he was photographed standing near the gigantic feet of the gargantuan Bronze statue of the Sardar), I was one of the first to condemn the comment (as did many) despite the ululations of the Leftists about free speech and the associated trope. It was then (as it is now) not just about Modi but rather about the post of the Prime Minister. The PM does not belong to just the party in power but he and his government represent the people – those that voted for him and those that didn’t, those who like him and those that don’t.

I have observed that PM Modi seems to toggle a switch – when in parliament, when in an interview, when he is on a foreign trip he is the consummate diplomat – all-embracing, middle-ground, conciliatory, leader of a country. When he is on an election campaign the switch is toggled again and we have a different person – the street-fighter who will give better than he gets, the bare-knuckled fighter who will swing his roundhouses from his shoulder – but this is simply not done – no matter where he stands, he remains the PM of the country and he shall remain so till the time the next dispensation is sworn in.

PM Modi Dares Mamata Banerjee To Arrest Him For Saying 'Jai Shri Ram'

The ongoing election will probably go down in history as one of those that saw candidates at their worst – in terms of behavior and discourse. It is a fact that Rahul Gandhi has lowered the level of political discourse but that does not mean that the PM, particularly someone like Mr. Modi must resort to the same kind of meaningless rhetoric. Without mincing words I must say that him dragging Rahul’s long-dead father into the mud-slinging match that he has needlessly indulged in, reflects poorly not only on him but also on the post of the PM of a country – it is the latter constitutional position that is being shred to tatters.

What is also shocking is the support that the Social Media Bandwagon (paid and unpaid) along with the Troll-army of both sides has been giving to this kind of uncouth behavior. I was particularly shocked to see the defense mounted by what I consider(ed) sane voices in the Social Media – the insanity of the elections seems to have affected everyone. I even saw a post by one SM-trumpeter (a woman) who was making out the case that Rajiv got what he deserved – this is such nonsense – all said and done he was the PM of our country – he was one of us and he was killed by a foreign terrorist – how can you justify that?

The glee with which some sections of the SM received the news of Arvind Kejriwal getting publicly slapped is another case in point.

Some questions:

  1. When will we understand that it is never about the person but about what is at stake?
  2. When will we ever realize that we cannot be chameleons who will change our stand based on the individual involved? These very same people were all over SM abusing the other side when the PMs mother/wife were dragged into the controversy – how can it be wrong then and right now?
  3. When will we realize that we are being “played” by all sides and we are mere pawns being pushed around into squares not of our own volition?

As T.N. Seshan once observed – the electorate behaves like “dumb-driven-cattle” – he was right then and he is right now. We could use the same phrase to describe those in the SM-space as well.

We may be changing, we may be becoming  a super-power and all that but we are definitely not changing for the better…

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The 6 Narratives of the SM-Hindu

  1. THE TINA TURNERS: We are not happy with you, but don’t worry we will still vote for you because (Eureka!!) TINA. You are still our man – There we have said it (a deep sigh)…

  2. THE BAKTHA SHIROMANIS: You are the 11th Avatar. Not Kalki but “Aaj-ki” (clang of cymbals and bells ringing in the background) Without you we are doomed. Save us Oh Lord! The world goes around because of you…

  3. THE WEAKASS WANGERS: Who cares for culture? People are only interested in Weakass (sound of applause in the background) – Water, Roads, Electricity – once this is done, say in about 60 years from now, (didn’t we give the Congress 60 years? Smirk… smirk) we will think about culture – ummm 2079 that is…

  4. THE FEARSOME-FEARFUL FIENDS: Anyone who does not support BJP and Modi is a closet Congress-stooge. Close the gates, bar the doors and be careful not to allow them into your timelines and walls. If theCongress comes back to power we will all be lynched on day-1 – wait and watch you NOTAVEER you *x*##* (redacted) you shall be the cause of our demise – Fie upon you (sound of thunder in the background)

  5. PARALYSIS BY ANALYSIS: Vikas is not bad, but Vikas itself is not enough – necessary but not sufficient condition. BJP is not doing enough but Congress will not even do this… or will they? Perhaps they will…no they won’t. BJP is not a friend but Congress is an enemy…Maybe we must vote for BJP for Vikas and not for culture – should we press the button gently perhaps so we can vote only for Weakass… (Aargh!! Sound of several people committing mass suicide)

  6. NOTA FOR MOTA: Nothing has happened, nothing will happen, politics is downstream from culture. Toadies can do their thing, we will vote NOTA (Background voices – prepare the ground to arrest these guys under POTA… another voice “Is POTA still around?)

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This post clubs two FB-posts together here:

This photograph is of a man who is on his last leg. I hope I am wrong but I think this man will not survive much longer. What happens in the ICJ will matter not a whit because the man if and when he is free (if at all) will be a hollowed-out zombie.

One look at his sunken cheeks, the strange angle at which he sits, and the visible injury marks tell me he has been beaten to pulp and subjected to inhuman torture. The jaw looks like it has been reconstructed, the limbs have no tensile strength – it must have been terrible for the mother and wife to meet with him like this

The nauseous virtue signaling that the Pakistanis indulged in added insult to injury. For a start, Sushma Swaraj must stop being nice to the Pakis and put a stop to these VISAS that are being issued – no mercy or compassion should be shown to anyone in the absence of even a semblance of reciprocity.

I would like the Muslims of India to descend onto the streets much like they did protesting the recognition of Jerusalem (which is of no significance to us) – Nothing will send out a stronger message to Pakistan.jadhav-2

Yesterday I wrote about how Jadhav looks like a man on his last leg. What I was not aware then is that not only were his wife and mother treated very badly and humiliated but additionally his wife was made to wipe her sindoor, remove her bangles, and mangalasutra – This should be interpreted as the Pakis letting us know that Jadhav would never make it out of Pakistan alive, no matter what we try. She was “widowed” before she would actually become one, was the crude message the islamists of the rogue state of Pakistan were sending out to all of us.

In this context, it is important to understand that this is standard Islamic practice – of humiliating women, behaving aggressively towards them as Hindu women were/are considered to be the “repositories of the honor of the community and its traditions”

During the great Calcutta killings of 1946, Muslim women actively supported and in fact aided in this humiliation of Hindu women advising them to “become like them” See the highlighted portions of what was done to Hindu women of Bengal.

This active support from Muslim women was also evident yesterday from the stands taken by the lady panelists on TV debates and also by the insensitive tweets by Mehr Tarrar, considered a liberal journalist of that rogue state.

Also, I continue to be amazed at the silence of the liberals, leftists, sickualrists, and Muslims. Imagine what would have happened if this was a Muslim or Christian prisoner…

Revenge is a dish best served cold and the Indian government hopefully extracts a revenge that sends out a message for the ages at a time and place of their choosing. Not doing so will be a betrayal of all Indians and specifically the Hindus…

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(1) DHARMA is not antithetical to VIKAS.
(2) In NOTA lies a message.
(3) In VOTE-PRODUCTIVITY lies a story.
(4) In the agrarian crisis lies a WARNING.

Those who don’t want to see it, will anyway not see it. For those to whom culture is not important will dismiss it. For those who have hitched themselves to the juggernaut this is RW balderdash.

Sometimes bitter medicine helps clarify thinking. Halahala can turn the skin blue but it is that which makes Neelakanta the great power that he is…

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YATHA RAJA TATHA PRAJA (यथा राजा तथा प्रजा)

Even the fig leaf that covered the Emperor’s nakedness has been blown away and it does not make for pleasant viewing.

When an image speaks better than a 1000 words and so on, but say a few words I must…

Those who have pawned their souls to the juggernaut will come up with a story to defend this too. They have to for their survival depends on satiating the feeding frenzy of those who own them now. When defense becomes impossible in the face of irrefutable evidence they will go on the offensive, against those who call this shamelessness out – Extreme-Right, Fringe and so on…

Not doing anything for the Hindus was level-1, Siding with those who aim to break the Dharma is level-2, and openly supporting their twisted agenda (like here) is obviously level-3.

Depression is a mild word to capture the darkness that engulfs us. We will need an Avatara no less if we need to be pulled out of this morass.

We have before us two options – (1) A John Galtish walkout but are we Atlas that we may shrug? (2) Go back to our individual lives and eke it out, for the Dharmic fight is almost lost…

Acharya Vikas Massey wants to share his Good News folks and all of you are welcome

YATHA RAJA TATHA PRAJA (यथा राजा तथा प्रजा)

Ashish shelar



This seems to be the question that is agitating the minds of many commentators on the latest move by the Don. The question of whether Jerusalem is the “spiritual” capital of the Jews, the Israelites and if it is they who have the first right over the holy city is being conveniently brushed aside.

The crux of the present dispute over Jerusalem centres around the division of Jerusalem into East and West in 1948, with Israel occupying West Jerusalem soon after the proclamation of a separate state for the Jews and the Jordanians retaining control over the Eastern part of the holy city.

In the six-day war of 1967, which was initiated by the Arabs mind you and not by Israel, the Israelis wrested control of East Jerusalem from Jordan and have retained it since. It is important to understand that Israel acknowledged Jordanian control over East Jerusalem from 1948 through 1967. It was as a result of the combined attack of Israel by the arab forces (Egypt, Syria, and Jordan) that the Israelis occupied East Jerusalem after decimating the combined Arab force in the six-day war. It has been for all practical purposes under Israeli control since then.

The UN security Council did decree that Israeli claim over entire Jerusalem is “null and void” asking that member states not establish their diplomatic missions there. That however is being challenged by Trump.

Trump by recognizing Israel’s right over Jerusalem has shown that his election promises are not mere rhetoric and that he intends to follow through on them. This is also a major concession to his core support base made up of the Jewish lobby and the evangelicals.

It must also be acknowledged that it is the Jews who have the historical and spiritual right over the holy city of Jerusalem. They have waited for a long long time.

600 years before the Roman General Titus in 70 AD destroyed Jerusalem and put to death more than 60,000 Jewish men, women, and children, Jerusalem had earlier been completely destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon but then the Jews returned to rebuild the city within 50 years of that event. However for 2,000 years after the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus the Jews could not return to their land and lived and suffered persecution in many countries.

They have finally been given their due. Jerusalem belongs to all three of the Abrahamic faiths but Israel undoubtedly has the first right over the Holy land.

And a bipartisan reading of what Trump meant should make it clear to anyone that he meant the entire Jerusalem – both the East and the West.


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The gloves are well and truly off. This can’t go on. This expectation that the Hindu and the Hindu alone shall fold his body in half and bend over to have his backside flayed or rise up on her hind limbs and stretch her paws out in abject submission, begging that she and her legacy be treated kindly.

Why should I care about the FOE of SLB or anyone of their ilk when I know that not a single one from that ilk will stand up for me or stand with me when I call out someone from the cult of the Abrahamics?

As if the innumerable police cases were not enough here is someone who is having to deal with abuse and threats not only to himself but also to his family.

So when the leader of the Karni Sena says that Javed Akhtar is persona non grata in Rajasthan and if he so much as dares to step into Rajasthan he would be thrashed on the street, I support him.

Flatten the application of FOE, make it a level playing field and then we shall talk. Till such time FOE needs to be trampled into the dust.


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The Chaiwala can sell more than just Chai

Make no mistake. This is an epochal moment in India’s foreign policy thrust. The External Affairs Ministry under Sushma and with PM Modi directly overseeing it is by far the most successful ministry in this cabinet.

For THE (anti) HINDU to be so effusive in its praise of this achievement means that this was a coup no one thought India would be able to pull off.

Consider the following:

1) First time in 7 decades of the UN that the UK will not be represented in the ICJ

2) First time that 1 of the 5 permanent members of the UNSC lost out to an “ordinary” member

3) First time that a sitting ICJ member lost out to another sitting ICJ member

4) UK held on till the last moment and gave up when it became clear that their position would become untenable, with more than 2/3rds of member countries voting against the UK

5) It was an unprecedented diplomatic outreach led by the PM, Swaraj, the FS Jaishankar, and India’s permanent representative to the UN Syed Akbaruddin

The Chaiwala can actually do more than just sell Chai



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Talk about a bad start to the day 😡. I see this  full-page ad in “THE (anti) HINDU” where Karnataka CM Siddu wants to “…SEE THE FUTURE THAT TIPPU SAW…”. I thought I should help him out with a quick listing of how that future would have been if “Hazrat Tippu Sultan” and his successors had ruled over Karnataka any longer:


  1. People outraging against GST would have been silently and submissively paying DST (Dhimmi Survival Tax)
  2. Hindu and Christian men would have been castrated, converted and a few sturdy men would have been included into the Sultan’s slave army
  3. Mysuru would still be called Nazarbad
  4. Hindu and Christian women would have been fair game – raped, ravaged, many handed over as trophies to Tippu’s soldiers. A select few inducted into the Sultan’s harem.
  5. His harem would have grown from 335 (the number of women who were released when the tyrant was killed) to 3,350.
  6. Brahmins would have been given special privileges – their “Cudumi’s/Shika’s) cut and then all of them castrated and converted
  7. Mysuru Sanskrit college and Manasagangotri University would have been razed to the ground.
  8. Urdu would have replaced Kannada completely and those seen conversing in Kannada would have been killed on the spot.
  9. Temple Gopurams would have been replaced by Spires and the idols broken and used to construct steps leading up to public toilets so that they could be stomped on by all and sundry.
  10. All these people celebrating/participating in this program would not have had even nominal Hindu names.

I wrote this too on the benevolence of the great Tippu Sultan:
Tipu Sultan was a Compassionate Man. Don’t believe us? Read