Lessons from attending a Leftist Conference

Attendees: Kanhaiyya Kumar, Kavita Lankesh et al…

(1) I now know with crystal-clarity why the political pendulum has swung decisively right

(2) They however can walk their talk; we on the other hand can only talk our talk

(3) They may never ever get to power but they will always control the narrative – unless some of us take a sledgehammer to their false edifice

(4) We are in government but without “real” power; they are out of it but retain control

(5) They understand their cultural moorings whereas we have lost it in our attempts to mimic them

(6) They know and look on us as the “enemy” while we appeal to them to join us as friends – never the twain shall meet…

(7) Their edifice is a facade of liberal-feminism on a bedrock of left-wing fascism; ours is a facade of Hindu-revivalism on a shaky bedrock of secular-nationalism

(8) They are willing to lose every battle in their quest to win the war; we will focus only on the skirmishes that will not matter in the long run

(9) We will win every single political battle and lose every single cultural one till the time demography swamps us – and then nothing will matter any more

(10) We continue to lose even as we win and they continue to win even as they lose – and that is the tragedy of our times…

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