Who will water the roots of Dharma?

“Vedo Vrikshaha Tasya Moolam hi Vip raha A ngas sakhaha Dharma Karmani Patram Tasrnan Moolo Yatnatho Rakshaneeya Chjnne Moolae Naiva Sakha na Vrikshaha”

If the The Veda is conceptualized as a Vriksha (Tree), then the roots are the Vipras (Brahmins), the repository of the Vedas and also those who are enjoined to perform the karma anushtanas and lead a Dharmic life. At the same time protection of these Brahmins who dedicate their lives to Dharma Rakshana is the collective duty of the society. Today, we see a decline and decay both in the practitioners and the protectors. Is there any doubt as to why we find ourselves in the state we are in today?

The image below is powerfully symbolic: The roots are slowly decaying because there is none to water them and provide essential nutrition. The leaves are falling and dwindling because no one is practicing the dharma…

Dharma should be practiced for Dharma’s sake, to build Shakti – individual and collective – we need more practitioners; fewer preachers.

The image also shows the six Angas (limbs of the vedas), namely Siksha (phonetics), Vyakarana (grammar), Chandas (metre), Niruktha (Etymology of words), Jyothisha, (Vedanga Jyotisha) and Kalpa-Sutra (texts dealing with the procedure, etc., for the performance of srouta and smartha karmas, Karmanushtana), are the branches.



Image Courtesy: http://www.vrnt.org/vedaRakshanam.php


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