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This photograph is of a man who is on his last leg. I hope I am wrong but I think this man will not survive much longer. What happens in the ICJ will matter not a whit because the man if and when he is free (if at all) will be a hollowed-out zombie.

One look at his sunken cheeks, the strange angle at which he sits, and the visible injury marks tell me he has been beaten to pulp and subjected to inhuman torture. The jaw looks like it has been reconstructed, the limbs have no tensile strength – it must have been terrible for the mother and wife to meet with him like this

The nauseous virtue signaling that the Pakistanis indulged in added insult to injury. For a start, Sushma Swaraj must stop being nice to the Pakis and put a stop to these VISAS that are being issued – no mercy or compassion should be shown to anyone in the absence of even a semblance of reciprocity.

I would like the Muslims of India to descend onto the streets much like they did protesting the recognition of Jerusalem (which is of no significance to us) – Nothing will send out a stronger message to Pakistan.jadhav-2

Yesterday I wrote about how Jadhav looks like a man on his last leg. What I was not aware then is that not only were his wife and mother treated very badly and humiliated but additionally his wife was made to wipe her sindoor, remove her bangles, and mangalasutra – This should be interpreted as the Pakis letting us know that Jadhav would never make it out of Pakistan alive, no matter what we try. She was “widowed” before she would actually become one, was the crude message the islamists of the rogue state of Pakistan were sending out to all of us.

In this context, it is important to understand that this is standard Islamic practice – of humiliating women, behaving aggressively towards them as Hindu women were/are considered to be the “repositories of the honor of the community and its traditions”

During the great Calcutta killings of 1946, Muslim women actively supported and in fact aided in this humiliation of Hindu women advising them to “become like them” See the highlighted portions of what was done to Hindu women of Bengal.

This active support from Muslim women was also evident yesterday from the stands taken by the lady panelists on TV debates and also by the insensitive tweets by Mehr Tarrar, considered a liberal journalist of that rogue state.

Also, I continue to be amazed at the silence of the liberals, leftists, sickualrists, and Muslims. Imagine what would have happened if this was a Muslim or Christian prisoner…

Revenge is a dish best served cold and the Indian government hopefully extracts a revenge that sends out a message for the ages at a time and place of their choosing. Not doing so will be a betrayal of all Indians and specifically the Hindus…

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It is that time of the year and the boot is on the other foot. Here is a fully crowd-sourced listing of virtuous don’ts for the festive season:

(1) Don’t cut down trees to decorate your homes. Save trees; save lives

(2) Save electricity – Don’t light up your homes this festive season. Better still, celebrate earth-hour every hour

(3) Don’t dress-up your kids like buffoons, instead spend the money on buying clothes for the poor and needy

(4) Don’t burn candles – It can cause global warming and noxious fumes from commercial wax can cause asthma particularly bad for your four-legged pets

(4) Don’t hang those paper stars with lights in them in front of your homes – think of the number of trees that were felled to make those paper-stars and think of lighting up other homes instead of useless paper-stars

(5) Don’t eat cakes – it can make you hairy and fat and increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes

(6) Choose egg-less cakes (i.e. if you must) to save some chicks and choose Tofu over meat

(7) Save water – Drink raw, don’t mix with water

(8) Don’t burst firecrackers on New Year’s eve – it’s the environment you know…

(9) Stick to your DPs and don’t change into red-headed clowns.


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I make it a habit on most days to read to my daughter just before her bedtime. Though I read to her from a wide range of books, presently the reading sessions are on Rajaji’s Mahabharata.

Jarasandha has just been killed by Bhima and Jarasandha’s son is the new king of Magadha but he has sworn allegiance to Indraprastha. Yudhishtra is planning the Rajasuya to proclaim himself Emperor. Indraprastha is shining in all its glory and the kings from all corners of Bharatavarsha have come to the great central hall and assembled there – all of them acquiescing kings attending in token acknowledgement of Yudhishtra’s supremacy over the lands of Bharathavarsha. The discussion centers around who should be the “Guest of Honor” Bhishma is unequivocal in his assertion that the only person deserving of this honor is Sri Krishna. A smile is playing upon Sri Krishna’s face and the two exchange a quick glance. Both of them know that they are avatara purushas – one here to redefine and re-establish the Dharma and the other to show that it is possible to live exactly in accordance with the Shastras. This is where we are at now and we look forward to continuing our journey together tonight…

Interestingly, it is here that Rajaji slips in a wonderful paragraph which alludes to the abiding idea of Bharathavarsha an idea that is a slap on the face of all those leftists who keep insisting that India was never one country but rather many small warring pieces. That little paragraph below:


India is but a 70 year young identity. Bharatavarsha on the other hand is the abiding idea of one people, one dharma, one shared legacy. Let no one forget that…


Image courtesy: https://whatalotofbirds.wordpress.com/2014/07/05/maghas-shishupala-vadha-the-most-complex-poem-ever-created-sanskrit-poetry-krishna-mahabharata/

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(1) DHARMA is not antithetical to VIKAS.
(2) In NOTA lies a message.
(3) In VOTE-PRODUCTIVITY lies a story.
(4) In the agrarian crisis lies a WARNING.

Those who don’t want to see it, will anyway not see it. For those to whom culture is not important will dismiss it. For those who have hitched themselves to the juggernaut this is RW balderdash.

Sometimes bitter medicine helps clarify thinking. Halahala can turn the skin blue but it is that which makes Neelakanta the great power that he is…

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YATHA RAJA TATHA PRAJA (यथा राजा तथा प्रजा)

Even the fig leaf that covered the Emperor’s nakedness has been blown away and it does not make for pleasant viewing.

When an image speaks better than a 1000 words and so on, but say a few words I must…

Those who have pawned their souls to the juggernaut will come up with a story to defend this too. They have to for their survival depends on satiating the feeding frenzy of those who own them now. When defense becomes impossible in the face of irrefutable evidence they will go on the offensive, against those who call this shamelessness out – Extreme-Right, Fringe and so on…

Not doing anything for the Hindus was level-1, Siding with those who aim to break the Dharma is level-2, and openly supporting their twisted agenda (like here) is obviously level-3.

Depression is a mild word to capture the darkness that engulfs us. We will need an Avatara no less if we need to be pulled out of this morass.

We have before us two options – (1) A John Galtish walkout but are we Atlas that we may shrug? (2) Go back to our individual lives and eke it out, for the Dharmic fight is almost lost…

Acharya Vikas Massey wants to share his Good News folks and all of you are welcome

YATHA RAJA TATHA PRAJA (यथा राजा तथा प्रजा)

Ashish shelar



This seems to be the question that is agitating the minds of many commentators on the latest move by the Don. The question of whether Jerusalem is the “spiritual” capital of the Jews, the Israelites and if it is they who have the first right over the holy city is being conveniently brushed aside.

The crux of the present dispute over Jerusalem centres around the division of Jerusalem into East and West in 1948, with Israel occupying West Jerusalem soon after the proclamation of a separate state for the Jews and the Jordanians retaining control over the Eastern part of the holy city.

In the six-day war of 1967, which was initiated by the Arabs mind you and not by Israel, the Israelis wrested control of East Jerusalem from Jordan and have retained it since. It is important to understand that Israel acknowledged Jordanian control over East Jerusalem from 1948 through 1967. It was as a result of the combined attack of Israel by the arab forces (Egypt, Syria, and Jordan) that the Israelis occupied East Jerusalem after decimating the combined Arab force in the six-day war. It has been for all practical purposes under Israeli control since then.

The UN security Council did decree that Israeli claim over entire Jerusalem is “null and void” asking that member states not establish their diplomatic missions there. That however is being challenged by Trump.

Trump by recognizing Israel’s right over Jerusalem has shown that his election promises are not mere rhetoric and that he intends to follow through on them. This is also a major concession to his core support base made up of the Jewish lobby and the evangelicals.

It must also be acknowledged that it is the Jews who have the historical and spiritual right over the holy city of Jerusalem. They have waited for a long long time.

600 years before the Roman General Titus in 70 AD destroyed Jerusalem and put to death more than 60,000 Jewish men, women, and children, Jerusalem had earlier been completely destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon but then the Jews returned to rebuild the city within 50 years of that event. However for 2,000 years after the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus the Jews could not return to their land and lived and suffered persecution in many countries.

They have finally been given their due. Jerusalem belongs to all three of the Abrahamic faiths but Israel undoubtedly has the first right over the Holy land.

And a bipartisan reading of what Trump meant should make it clear to anyone that he meant the entire Jerusalem – both the East and the West.


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I was a student when the Babri Masjid was brought down. It was also the time when I was shaking off the effects of 12 years of brainwashing at a Christian mission school and was slowly understanding what had been done to the Hindus as a people, as a civilization, and as a culture.

As I revisited History and read about the depredations and humiliation that had been wrought upon my ancestors I was shocked to say the least. I had never been taught all of this at School or College and therefore it came as a shock and a revelation.

More importantly it made me go back to my roots and re-examine my own connection with the tenets of my own Dharma. Dec 6, 1992 is therefore one of the most important days in my life.

It showed that a more assertive and a stronger Hindu who fights for his/her rights is the need of the hour, someone who would be uncompromising, firm, and clear in his/her vision that he/she is the legatee of the greatest culture the world has ever known. This land, this Karmabhoomi -Bharata is the only place now where this culture still flourishes (however distorted or diluted). It is our collective duty to preserve, recharge, and hand over to the next generation.

In this context, I read an article yesterday which talked about how Tulsidas had made no mention of the demolition of a Temple. It was written by a “nominal” Hindu, the kind who are deracinated and ashamed of their own roots.

Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Swami Rambhadracharya, considered the foremost authority on Tulsidas has however cited verses from two works composed by Tulsidas which, in his opinion, are relevant to the dispute. The first citation consisted of eight verses from a work called Dohā Śataka, which describe the destruction of a temple and construction of a mosque at the disputed site in 1528 CE by the Mughal ruler Babar who had ordered General Mir Baqui to destroy the “temple of the infidels” – the temple dedicated to Maryada Purushottam Rama

Below is a snapshot from that “Doha Sataka” where Tulsidas talks poignantly of how these barbarians came and destroyed this Ram temple. See highlighted portions in the photo below. It is takea from this PDF available at this link (http://elegalix.allahabadhighcourt.in/…/ay…/honsaj-vol-4.pdf) which was part of the evidence submitted to the court. Please do download and read the entire PDF.



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In the Chandogya Upanishad one reads the story of Satyakama, the son of Jabala. Satyakama was brought up by Jabala a single-mother (yes during the vedic times, so there is nothing new about single-mothers now). No one knew who his father was. Interestingly, neither did Jabala herself.

Jabala was a very good mother and she instilled all the right values in Satyakama. She particularly taught him the importance of speaking the truth at all times and Satyakama took this to heart and imbibed it fully.

As Satyakama grew up into a young lad, he saw that all the other boys in the neighbourhood and even his friends were enrolling themselves into the Gurukula and Satyakama was also very keen to get himself admitted into a Gurukula.

As per the practice then, a boy desirous of getting into a Gurukula had to state his Kula, Gotra, father’s name, essentially his lineage. He walked up to his mother and told her about his desire to join the Gurukula and asked her to tell him his father’s name and his lineage.

His mother replied “Son, I have worked at many places, served many people, and lived at many places. You were born when I was young and I honestly don’t know who your father is. She went on “You can go to the Gurukula and when the Guru asks you, tell him this – I am Satyakama, the son of Jabala and I am interested in acquiring knowledge”

Satyakama walked to the Gurukula and stood before Rishi Haridrum Gowthama and when questioned by the Rishi, stated the exact words that his mother had taught him. The Rishi Gowthama looked at the young boy for a moment and then smiled. He said “You are truly a boy from a very high Gothra/Kula. Only someone born to great parents can speak thus. From today you shall be my son, let us first perform your upanayana and then we shall start your Vidyabyasa.”

This story illustrates the key role women play in protecting and nurturing the Dharma and also how important it is for them to instill the values of our Dharma into children.

In the concluding section of the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, called the “Vamsha-Brahmana” there is a listing of the “Gurus” who have protected and taught the Upanishad over the years along with their lineage. In this list, for many Rishis only their Mother’s name is mentioned. There is no mention of a father’s name. The list of mother’s names is fairly long, showing how much importance was accorded to women in the Dharma.

Adi Sankara in his commentary on this Upanishad notes in his typical clear and pithy style “The mother it is who determines the character of a person. All these Gurus mentioned in the Upanishad are truly of impeccable character – It is perhaps because of this that only the names of their mother’s is mentioned here…”


This story also brings out two key points:

  1. It shows what qualities are important for a student – he/she should be truthful and he must have within him this thirst for acquiring knowledge.
  2. The Guru must be willing to teach any student who is desirous of learning and acquiring knowledge – that should be the most important criterion and all other factors such as caste, lineage etc. are not really that important.
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This is a guest post by Shri Rohit Arya and has been reproduced here with his permission. This is a very important and timely one. Important because it outlines in clear terms why there is an age-restriction on the entry of women at Sabarimala. Timely because we are now in “Sabarimala season” and the deracinated SBNR, Cryptos and Feminazis are sure to mount an attack now. I have added an introduction to the post explaining the significance of the HariHara Putra Rupa and a few aspects of the Sabarimala pilgrimage:

Ayyappan or Sastha or HariHara Putran is a unique aspect, a singularly special Roopa, born out of the union of the beguiling and bewitching form of of “Vishnu-Maya” Mohini and “Hara” the attractive and captivating form of Shiva. This rupam was also created at a time when the Vaishnavas and the Saivas were at loggerheads and indulging in internecine quarrels. HariHara putran came into the world to show that Hari and Hara are one and the same – forms of the one Brahman that has invaded and pervaded all sentient and insentient forms and beings.

The Rupam was also created to perform a specific function. After the death of Mahishasura at the hands of Devi Durga, his sister Mahishi performed severe Tapas and received a Varam (boon) from Brahma that she could not be killed by either Shiva or Vishnu. It was to destroy this Mahishi that Shiva and Vishnu decided to come together in the form of Sastha, Ayyappan – if they could not vanquish Mahishi singly they would do it together. This child thus created was found by Rajashekara of Pandalam in Kerala and was named Manikantan. When Manikantan was 12 years old he killed Mahishi, revealed his true identity to his father and disappeared after telling his father to construct a temple at the place where his arrow would land. The arrow that Manikantan shot landed on the summit of Sabarimala and it was here that the temple was built by none other than Vishwakarma and the image of Ayyappan was prepared and installed by the great Parasurama himself.

The word Sastha itself means “Control” in fact “Supreme control” and also one who controls the entire world. He rides the white elephant called “Yogi” which was uncontrollable at one time but became submissive under Ayyappan. In Sabarimala the Sastha is permanently absorbed and functioning for the sole purpose of protecting the great Hindu Dharma – hence he is the Dharma-Sastha. 

  1. The pilgrimage to sabarimala is unique preceded by a Vratham of 41 days or 1 Mandalam – 30 days starting from the full-moon day and ending at the next full-moon + 11 days leading up to the Ekadashi day.

  2. The Woman (Prakriti) is not available to the Man (Purusha) for these 41 days.

  3. One day of the Vratha is equal to 1 week of pregnancy and is a supreme homage to the motherhood, when the man each year repays his debt to the woman by living a life of great control and austerity.

  4. The dress code is black signifying the absorption of all external actions of the senses, absorption of the spectrum of colours and nullifying all differentiation

Please read below now as to why there is an age-restriction for entry of women into Sabarimala. A post written by Shri Rohit Arya.

I need to say this, because as yet nobody is saying it and it is in many ways the most important issue in the entire fake uproar over Sabarimala and the restriction of women’s entry. It needs to be absolutely clear that this nothing but a Breaking India initiative, one of the vital wounds they seek to deliver to Hindu society. There have been many arguments about why such restrictions exist, jungles, dangerous travel, tigers, shaucha, and more unthinking bullshit about menstruation than you could believe. But the core spiritual reason why such a restriction exists in this Ayappa temple alone, nobody is articulating it. In all other Ayyappa temples everybody is free to visit ,not only gender there is simply no restriction on religion or identity. But in Sabarimala the rules have to do with the nature of the deva in residence.

Simply put he is a Swami, a renunciate who is sworn to celibacy. He is perhaps the only sanyasi deva we have. Look at the Vigraham/ murti of Ayyappa. He sits with a meditation band as is common in Southern Yoga but his ankles are positioned in a manner that does bandhanam or locks both Mooladhara and Svadhisthana chakras.

I do not expect the deracinated culturally illiterate Hindus of today to look at a murti and figure out the nature and svabhava of the devata and what spiritual process were appropriate in his aradhana but it was common knowledge at one time. One look was enough.

Even if I knew nothing about Ayappa and was not a Malayalee I could look at the vigraham and say this is deva who needs your discipline and self control as a vital part of his sadhana. Roopams communicate teachings as to what will work or not. So the forty day vratam, you can understand why. Nothing else will do for this deva.

Now in India it is very common even today for Swamis to avoid all contact with women. The Swami Narains are one example and while the Dashanamis are a bit relaxed about that rule today I also know many many examples of them who will never speak directly to a woman. Dayananda Saraswati who founded the Arya Samaj is a great favorite of the ‘reformer’ bullshitters but he used to speak to women only from behind a curtain. The famous Hindu monastery In Hawaii is perhaps one of the most hardcore in existence today and the Swamis there are no different.

Even the Christian tradition had such rules for the monks in the days they had some spiritual shakti instead of being a conversion machine as it today. There is a monastery in Greece where no woman has set foot inside for nearly a thousand years. So this is an ancient spiritual tradition.

Ayyappa in Sabarimala is actually more relaxed about this he merely does not give darshan to women in the age frame when they get periods. There is an occult reason to that which makes perfect sense to yogis but the spurious logic of the Din I ILahi Hindus who make up the change agents will not comprehend any of it.

So the issue here is stark. The Breaking India forces, the secular adharmis, the Asura Prakriti wallahs, useful idiots like that loudmouthed moron Arnab, or despicable types like Trupti Desai, the entire Leftist cabal of Luytens media and Din I ILahis Hindus they are appropriating the right to dictate to Hindus the nature of the devata in the temple and what the rules of the temple ought to be.

Once again so that it is clear – those who have no skin in the game, no shraddha, those who are crypto converts are DICTATING TO HINDUS WHAT THEIR DEVATAS SHOULD BE. And we Hindus, we are bending over for this impertinence.

There is only one temple where Dharma Shastha as Ayyapa is known has been consecrated as a Swami. Leave it alone bloody fools.

Forcibly altering the rules of the kshetram will destroy the shakti of the sacred space – and it will bring about repercussions which are incalculable. But that is the idea – to destroy Hinduism one small piece at a time. The women of Kerala have launched a Ready to Wait response to the Asuric Right to Prey initiative but that is not enough. Hindus have conceded too much to the State apparatus. The organs of governance cannot dictate the parameters of spiritual life.

Such kshetrams were set up by great Rishis. In the case of Ayyapa by Parashurama himself. Kerala is not God’s Own Country, it is Parasurama Kshetram which is an entirely different thing from the conversion agenda phrase that is GOC. What will happen when the duffers of today set themselves up against Parashurama is something I would really like to see. I am cruel enough to wish that.

The line in the sand needs to be drawn now. This far and no further. Hindus cannot allow their enemies to define their religion – which is what is happening now.
The Asura Prakriti claims authority to define authenticity and certify validity of the Sanathana Dharma. No more.

Hum Mandir Wahi Banayenge!
Harihara suthan ayyan ayyappa Swamiyeeee Sharanam Ayyappa
and as always…Sarvam Shivamayam!

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